Sample codes in the Infineon Developer Community


I have posted some PSoC samples in the Infineon Developer Community.

Infineon の Developer Community に PSoC 等のサンプルをポストしています。

MCU Tester
A sample for usage of basic components / 基本的なコンポーネントの使用例をまとめたサンプル






tty_utils a utility sample for CLI type program

A simple VT100 Escape Sequence Emulator

A CapSense sample using an Elephantech PEDOT electrode (CY8CKIT-044)

A CapSense sample using an Elephantech flex PCB electrode (CY8CKIT-044)

ADC Measuring Sample with Maximum Voltage (CY8CKIT-044 & 059)

A Simple Oscilloscope (CY8CKIT-044) using SerialPlotter

UltraSonic (HC-SR04) Sample Project (CY8CKIT-044)

A study of simple ADC and DMA and UART (CY8CKIT-044)

A study of using PSoC 4 DMA’s dual descriptors (CY8CKIT-044)

CY8CKIT-044 Sensor Hub for UART

Stopwatch timer 7SEG LED (CY8CKIT-044)

Measuring time interval using SysTick (CY8CKIT-059/CY8CKIT-044)

CY8CKIT-044 RTC with 32kHz Crystal Sample

A dumb typewriter sample (I2C keyboard and SPI TFT)

Another dumb typewriter sample (CY8CKIT-044 version)

Tiny Basic for PSoC (CY8CKIT-044 / TSoC / CY8CKIT-059 / CY8CKIT-062-BLE)

Reading a number from UART (CY8CKIT-044 version)

CY8CKIT-044 5-Axis Robot Arm

Touchence Shockaku Pot POTU-001-1 (UART) Touch Sensor (CY8CKIT-044)

A standalone basic machine on PSoC (If I may insist) CY8CKIT-044

A Theremin Wannabe / なんちゃってルミン (CY8CKIT-044)

Thermistor (103AT-11) Sample Project

I2C Gas Sensor for Monitoring IAQ (CCS811) Sample Project 

How I recycle the data (aka Return of CCS811)

Loadcell (SC616) Sample Project

Tester an ADC sample project

AK9750 IR Sensor IC with I2C I/F module sample project

4×4 Matrix Keypad Sample

(UART) Optical Fingerprint Scanner (GT-521F32) Sample Project

TSoC CY8C4146LQI-S433 4-Voice Orgel (四声のオルゴール)